George Sarmias

 George Sarmias - a born Cypriot - experienced cook and restauranteur, has dedicated his life to this passion. He spent his childhood on the islands helping his grand father who farmed vegetables and olives, and spent time in the kitchen with his mother and grandmother.

His passion for cooking and Greek cuisine originated during these years spent in Larnaca, and he now shares some of those recipes with us here - passed on from many generations before.

George has experimented with contrasting Mediterranean flavours and textures, creating a menu offering
traditional, flavourful and healthy cuisine! 
  • INSPHERE Magazine Review

    George is your host and what a host he proves to be, the man is everything you think when you think “Greek restaurateur” with equal parts humour, enthusiasm and genuine passion for people and food. It’s not Santorini-by-the-sea but rather everything it promises to be, a great ambience with an alfresco dining area that is comfortable and conducive to a festive night out.

  • Review Me Magazine

    A couple of weeks ago I was in Jeffreys Bay with my family and we decided to go restaurant hunting. As we spotted the Greek, I could only think of one thing “Get him to the Greek”. I said to myself that I got myself to the Greek, I would have just as much bragging rights as Russel Brand. The restaurant was magnificently set out and gives you the sense of being in a Mediterranean country.

  • Trip Advisor Review

    How do you know if a Greek restaurant in Jeffreys Bay (or any other place in the world outside Greece) is really good? Well, first if you walk past the restaurant on a Sunday afternoon at 3:30pm, and it is completely filled with patrons ---- while other nearby restaurants are nearly empty and waiting for dinner guests in a couple hours.Second, if you walk into the restaurant and hear people speaking Greek at several tables.